CFDA Fashion Awards 2018 Red Carpet Rundown: The Models

Posted on June 05, 2018

Since we’ve spent a good portion of the day bitching about the stale celebrity fashion choices at this event, let’s check out the professional dress-wearers to see how they did. Although we should state upfront that except for one or two outliers, we’ve never found models to be particularly advanced in their understanding of good style. They know how to WERQ a garment to perfection, but that doesn’t mean they know how to put a good look together.

Okay, now that you’ve been sufficiently cautioned to lower the bar, go ahead and unsheath your claws, darlings. Let’s get to judging.



Alessandra Ambrosio in Tommy Hilfiger

Meh. We expect more than Liza’s Christmas party cast-offs, dear.



Ashley Graham in Vera Wang Bride

Vera, you can go ahead and call this a bridal gown but we can all clearly see that it’s a giant Ace bandage.



Jourdan Dunn in Michael Kors Collection

What is this, the school semi-formal? Step it up, Miss.



Emily Ratajkowski in Brock Collection 

Heln Mirren would like a word, Emily.



Gigi Hadid in Versace

Fun, bold fashion. FINALLY. Kittens, like it or not, sometimes it takes a Hadid.




 Irina Shayk in Diane von Furstenberg

Not the night for mumsy-ness, sweetie.




Kaia Gerber in Alexander Wang

Now THIS is what we’re talking about! That time when we were talking about how models have horrible fashion sense, we mean.



Karlie Kloss in Jason Wu

It’s very tasteful and of course she looks lovely in it, but it’s pretty forgettable.



Kendall Jenner in Alexandre Vauthier

Again, we’re not happy to be the ones making this observation, but sometimes you need an instagram model to show up in something crazy enough to look at. Lavender bathmat? Right this way, Miss Jenner.

What dull shoes, though. Then again, this whole red carpet season has been about simple pumps in basic colors, it seems.



Naomi Campbell in Calvin Klein Collection

See what we mean? Fabulous dress that deserved something more than Tina Turner’s old Private Dancer pumps. Still, she’s Naomi, so we can’t hate. She scares us too much.

And finally, the very last gal we’d have figured to show up in the most super-cray look of the night…



Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Altuzarra

On the one hand, we want to commend her for not resting on pretty. On the other hand, it looks like she doesn’t know how to put on a top. Also: she’s got lace fungus creeping up her legs.



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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