Cate Blanchett Recycles Some Past Edginess at the AFI Life Achievement Award Tribute

Posted on June 08, 2018


Having seen the Ocean’s 8, which features her making a clear pitch toward queer girl/glam chick realness, we think our recent musings that her red carpetry had taken a decidedly sapphic turn of late makes more and more sense. And we think the fact the she recycled this dress (something she is not prone to doing) from her Carol promo tour speaks directly to that idea. Good Lady Cate wants the lady-lovin’ ladies to make her their pinup this year. Or to buy a ticket to her movie, at least.


She must be under better lighting conditions this time because our main object the last time she wore it was the wrinkled and noticeable sheer tulle, which lessened the impact of the tattoo effect by making her skin look wrinkled and saggy. It’s not really an issue in these shots and subsequently, we like the look quite a bit more.



Style Credits:
Aouadi Paris Black Wool Embroidered Dress Featuring Hand-embroidered Sheer Tulle Neckline and Sleeves with Verdigris and Black Silk Thread to Form Customized Trompe-l’oeil from the Fall 2015 Collection.

Styled by Elizabeth Stewart | Hair by Robert Vetica | Makeup by Lisa Storey

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages, Courtesy of Aouadi Paris]

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