Cast of “The Good Place” at Universal Television’s FYC Event

Posted on June 20, 2018

Our favorite cast on television got themselves gussied up to go out and beg for Emmy nominations. We salute their efforts, mainly because we love them so. Seriously, you guys. Catch up on The Good Place if you haven’t already. It’s one of the most ethically minded, humanistic shows you’ll ever see, while at the same time being hilarious, due in no small part to the people you’re looking at right now.


They did alright for themselves on the style front, but we must put aside our love and judge them with the rigor our sacred profession requires.



D’Arcy Carden

We’ll just skip lightly past this one, entirely because she cracks our shit up and we can’t bring ourselves to make an issue of how generic and frumpy this all is. We love you, Miss D’Arcy. You deserve better than this.

William Jackson Harper

This, on the other hand, is super-cute and absolutely perfectly suited to him. The watch and footwear dress it all up just enough. Wouldn’t change a thing.

Ted Danson

He can pull off more stylish looks than this, but he’s earned the right to stick to the classics. Besides, given the gap between his age and the rest of the cast, it’s probably to his benefit to keep things simple rather than trying to look trendy.

Kristen Bell

While we must admit to our longstanding anti-turtleneck bias, we really do think this would all come together much better with a simpler, looser top and a lower neckline. Granted, it would take a miracle to make those pants truly work, but we think something a little less severe up top might give them a fighting chance.

Jameela Jamil

LOVE this. She’s taking a page from Cate Blanchett’s Ocean’s 8 poledancing style and it looks great on her. She’s relaxed and confident, but stylish and photogenic. And she’s playing against expectations nicely, given her character’s predilection for frilly day dresses.

Manny Jacinto

LOVE. The jacket (which looks a bit heavy for this time of year) and the shoes are what really make this look. Plus the fact that he’s really cute and would look great in just about anything.




[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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