Aubrey Plaza at the Moschino Resort 2019 Fashion Show

Posted on June 13, 2018

In the interests of full disclosure and giving it to you (you’ll pardon the term) straight, we have to confess that we have two very basic reasons for featuring Miss Aubrey and neither of them have to do with praising (or even ragging on) her outfit all that much.



First point: This is more of a case of “That’s not your look” than the outfit being awful on its own. We think she can work a sexy pinstripe, but the bra/crop top thingy just isn’t working for her. Besides, it seems like such a serious/sexy look for a Moschino show, even if it is Moschino.

Second point: We gave up on Legion not even halfway through its second season, because we like to think we have a good nose for sniffing out when a show starts going up its own ass (you’ll pardon the metaphor-mixing). With last night’s finale and the subsequent not-so-hot reviews, it sounds like we called that one right, but we’d love to hear from any of the kittens who stuck it out. Was season 2 of Legion worth the effort or did the show, in fact, go up its own ass, which is a highly technical critical term?

Discuss amongst yourselves.


Style Credits:
Moschino Black Pinstripe Crop Top and Matching Pants from the Fall 2018 Collection
Established Jewelry
Chloe Gosselin Shoes

Styled by Jessica Paster | Hair by Maranda

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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