Amy Adams Covers The Hollywood Reporter Magazine

Posted on June 25, 2018

“Sharp Objects” star Amy Adams covers “The Hollywood Reporter” magazine photographed by Ruven Afanador and styled by Petra Flannery.



On bringing in a man to direct every episode of “Sharp Objects” even though is a story about women and by women: Jean-Marc came on through me because we had been developing Janice [a now stalled Janice Joplin biopic] together, and the way that he communicated about Janice, I was like, “Oh, he’d really understand this darkness and the resilience of [Camille].” And I’ll say this, he does have a way of seeing women and being able to tell the truth about them, whatever his relationship is with women, I don’t know.

On the prosthetic scars and how that impact her performance: I’m not an exhibitionist, I’m not somebody who naturally feels comfortable parading myself around in front of people, so I had to have a false bravado standing there naked. There was also a mirror right there and I had to confront my body and I’d stopped working out to play Camille because I thought, “She’s not gonna be toned, it’s gonna be annoying if we see her naked and she looks like me in American Hustle.”

On what’s wrong in the moment and the #MeToo movement: I think most women have experienced it, even if it’s just feeling unsafe rejecting somebody. And apologizing, “Oh, I’m so sorry, I must have been sending you the wrong signal,” when, really, it’s like, “No, I think I said I don’t want to go out with you, I don’t know how that’s the wrong signal. I think we should just be friends and I’m not sure why you’re at my doorstep,” it’s that unsafe feeling. I can’t say all, but most women have had that moment and you question yourself. “Did I smile? Was I not direct enough?”




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[Photo CreditL Ruven Afanador/The Hollywood Reporter Magazine,, Courtesy of Zac Posen, Courtesy of Jonathan Simkhai]

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