2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards: The Cast of “13 Reasons Why” Came Correct

Posted on June 18, 2018

Those moody-ass kids from your favorite depressing Netflix series really turned this shit out! Well. Some of them did, anyway. This is a pretty sausage-heavy crowd, but even so, we’re shocked by how many of the boys really pushed the envelope.



Alisha Boe in Markarian

We suppose an argument could be made that up-and-coming ingenues don’t have much room to get experimental or outrageous with their fashion. Even so, this is all pretty dull.


Brandon Flynn

A lot of the guys did exactly this: a bold, bright jacket paired with a bunch of nondescript items. It’s not exactly avant-garde, but it’s photogenic and fun.

Brandon Larracuente in Mr Turk

Love him for the commitment, and the textile is gorgeous. The job interview shoes are pretty awful, though.

Christian Navarro

A bit too “Jersey Boys” for our tastes, but we appreciate the effort.



Devin Druid

Considering it’s the MTV Awards, we tend to think this look is a little more on point than all the suiting and brightly patterned formal wear, but clearly the consensus has shifted on the matter, given how dressed up everyone was this year. Still, we like the jacket and don’t mind the rest of it.



Justin Prentice

Meh. Too conventional.



Katherine Langford in Giorgio Armani

We enjoy the goth-bride drama of it all, but it seems a little formal and overdone for the occasion.


Miles Heizer

Sure, he’s dressed like John Ritter in Three’s Company, but we can’t even begin to tell you how impressed we are that this kid even entertained the notion of going this route, let alone followed through on it. It’s never not going to look outrageously costume-y and referential to anyone over 35, but to him, it’s so ancient as to be fresh.

Ross Butler

It’s okay.



Steven Silver

We feel like Donald Glover put this look to bed once he got to it, but we can’t say this guy’s not working it pretty well. We like the shoes, but the shirt looks like an afterthought.

Timothy Granaderos

You had us until we got to the hem. That’s entirely too precious for ol’ T Lo.



Tommy Dorfman in Thom Browne

We are bowing down. That is pure fuck-you fabulous.
[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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