2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards: Chris Pratt Splits the Difference

Posted on June 19, 2018

We feel somewhat responsible for this.





See, we’ve been banging the drum on the idea that, since he’s so clearly uncomfortable being shoved into thousand-dollar suits for the red carpet, and since he tends to be much more comfortable (and usually looks hotter) when he’s dressed in the casual styles he tends to prefer, his style team needs to find a way to marry his casual preferences with a red carpet level of dressing. This – putting a suit jacket over a casual look – was not what we meant at all. First, notice how he’s doing the faux male-model posing, with the cuff-presenting (which is probably obligatory watch-modeling) and Blue Steel. Even as dressed down as this, he obviously considers a suit jacket to be pretentious and beyond his capabilities to pull of. Why he’s not standing there in a leather or even a denim jacket eludes us. This is the MTV Awards, after all. Suit jackets are not required. The rest of the look is okay, but the buttoned-up floral still strikes us a bit forced. This guy lives in jeans and henleys. The hipster dude shirt style is unnecessary and makes him uncomfortable. Just put him in clean oxfords or plaids and style him with belts and jackets and boots to keep it all interesting enough for pictures. Stop getting precious about it, because the results don’t pay off.

And lay off the makeup brush.




Style Credits:
Styled by Annie Psaltiras | Grooming by Bridget Brager

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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