Variety Studio: Actors on Actors Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on May 01, 2018

Darlings, it’s the Variety Actors on Actors thing! And lots of stylish folks showed up! Also, perhaps some not-so-stylish ones? Come with us, on a journey of discovery!



Alison Brie in Michael Kors Collection

It’s pretty good and it suits her, although it needed better lighting. Once again, we have to note how interesting it is in this year of our Lord 2018, that celebrity women have not only latched onto the lady tux, but have gone to great lengths to deconstruct this symbol of perceived male supremacy, turning it away from its formal roots to a more casually dressy form of womenswear. The semiotics of that is pretty fascinating, given the image we have of men like Harvey Weinstein.

We seriously question a thick ankle strap with a pair of pants, though. And by “seriously question” we mean “silently denounce.”



Claire Foy

We try so hard to find something interesting or discussable in her red carpetry, but girlfriend, this is a hospital gown and sandals.



Dakota Fanning in Prada

Cute and oh-so Fanning, what with the clunky shoes and color scheme. Nice to see her in a print. That silhouette really works for her.



Issa Rae

Another pretty great look that could have used better lighting.



Jessica Biel in Roland Mouret

The expanse from waist to crotch is a bit much and the pointy-toed pump is a major needle scratch, but we’ve got to give credit when it’s due: this is pretty good.



Laura Dern in Esteban Cortázar

We could blame the event planners for the un-photogenic backdrop, but they’re to be forgiven for assuming that the red carpet wasn’t going to be a sea of black in the last week of April.

Anyway, this looks pretty good for Miss Laura, from what we can tell. Not in love with the sandals but we so rarely are with that style.




Maggie Gyllenhaal

Maggie: some advice. If you insist on working the pajama trend so literally, it’s best that you jazz it up a bit; offer some posing and attitude. The way you’re standing there, you look like a hotel guest who got woken by a fire alarm.



Mandy Moore in Nina Ricci

Was there no one in her life to tell her that’s a tablecloth? Although we suppose she deserves points for matching her bra to her shoes. That’s a new one.



[Photo Credit: Variety]

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