All Tea, All Shade: Lorenzo’s Picks for the Most Stylish SUNGLASSES of Summer

Posted on May 29, 2018

Darlings, summer is about to kick into high gear at this end of the hemisphere, and now that Lorenzo has taken care of your sassy slide sandal needs for the season, he’s opted to move onto that other can’t-do-without for any gal, trendy or not: the stylish summer SHADES.

In short, and without further preamble, ya boy went to town for ya:





More stylish sunglasses than you can shake a stick at, if you ever decided to shake a stick at some luxury eyewear, for some reason.

Now, there’s a certain trend this season for the tiny-framed sunglasses style, and while Lo tipped his hat slightly in that direction, he opted to focus on the other shade trends of summer ’18; namely, colorful plastic frames and lenses, along with a renewed take on the cat-eye and (our personal favorite) the big-ass Jackie O style of shade. And of course, for the stylish but non-trendy gals, he put in a whole bunch of classic looks because he knows that’s where the real interest lies for the majority of fashion consumers. In other words, he did what he always does for these shopping guides: he applied his own impeccable taste and eye for high-fashion with as wide a range of needs and potential shoppers as possible. And in that same vein, you’ll note that the price points are all over the scale, as per the uzh. If you click on something well outside your range, don’t worry! We guarantee there’s something else here well within it. Grab your shade, kittens!




Standard disclaimer: All of the above are clickable links that will take you to online retailers who give us a commission based on any sales we send their way, because we find money to be somewhat useful in our day-to-day lives. Please note that the sale runs for these items can be brief and some of the links may either take you to an item that’s no longer available or no longer available at the sales price. You gotta be quick, kittens!

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