Style File: Olivia Munn at SiriusXM and “Good Morning America”

Posted on May 24, 2018

Take this with a grain of salt, because we’re obviously going to have a skewed perspective on this one, but it struck us that we’re well aware of her current promotional tour, but we actually had to go digging to find out what it is she’s promoting. Turns out she’s coming on in the second season of a show we never heard of before (video evidence at the bottom). Like we said, as fashion bloggers, we’re going to have a slightly skewed perspective as to how we digest our PR and what kind of PR crosses in front of our eyes most often, but it sure seems to us like the reason for all these eye-popping looks isn’t quite being sold as well as it could be. Get her to stand in front of a scrim with the show’s name on it, peeps. Otherwise, all these high-attention poledance outfits are getting paraded around for naught.



Olivia Munn at SiriusXM in NYC

Apparently there was a fire at her hotel and she was asleep when the alarms went off. Otherwise, we’re forced to conclude that she deliberately chose to wear this in public and that can’t be right.

We realize we loved her wild-print ensemble of the other day, but this one has a distinctly more pajama-like tone to it and the print itself looks like fancy ladies room wallpaper. Also, there’s a lot of bra involved here.

We feel sorry for those cute sandals. They deserved a lot better than this.



Olivia Munn coming and going at “Good Morning America” in NYC

This is her post-interview, walking-out look. We don’t love it, we’re afraid. It’s the blousy top and clown-pants bottom. In other words, it’s all of it, plus the man-belt. Sorry, lady. We appreciate the hardcore effort you’re putting in here, but this one’s goofy.



This, her on-camera look, is lovely, however. There’s a current vogue for autumnal colors and styles this spring, so this feels a bit on-trend for us with all its oranges and browns. It’s a great shape and it fits her perfectly. Our only quibble is with the shoe. They look great, but the color’s a bit jarring. A navy blue would’ve been our rec.






Doesn’t really look like our bag, although we’ve fallen in love with this kind of show before. Anyone seen it?



Style Credits:

Styled by Jessica Paster

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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