Salma Hayek Thinks Pink (a little too much) at the Gucci Resort 2019 Fashion Show

Posted on May 31, 2018

We’re going to go a little easy on Mrs. Billionaire; first, because we rag on her a lot (although we think its justified because … Mrs. Billionaire, you guys) and second, because she’s been improving of late and this look, while a bit of a toothache, is still better than most of what she wore from 2014 to 2017.



That’s a lot of pink, lady.  Maybe it doesn’t come of as such at first glance, but literally everything but her shoes (from what we can tell) is a different shade of pink. The subtle hue of the suit isn’t really being brought out because there’s nothing to contrast or complement it. Pink plaid, pink velvet trim, pink lace cuffs, pink purse. A wall of pink shaped like Salma Hayek.

Lose the lace, switch out the top for a white blouse and save that fun purse for a more neutral outfit that’ll give it a little space to shine. And rip those awful rhinestones off the lapels. We realize this is a custom suit and you’re more or less the boss’s wife, but someone at Gucci should’ve put their foot down when that particular request came through.

But it’s really not bad (they said, suddenly remembering that they promised to go easy on her). We like the idea of combining girliness with more business-like elements, but this one tips too far into the pink.

You heard us.



Style Credits:
Custom Gucci Suit Fall 2018 Collection
Gucci ‘Sylvie‘ Crystal Mini Bag

Styled by Annabelle Harron

[Photo Credit: Getty Images for Gucci,]

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