Rami Malek Drops the Mic as Freddie Mercury in the “Bohemian Rhapsody” Teaser Trailer

Posted on May 15, 2018

Not to diminish the man’s achievements and life, but if you’re doing a Freddie Mercury biopic and you’re releasing the film’s first teaser, you have exactly two points to sell to the audience: that you got the sound right and that you got the look right.

Well, damn. Looks like they nailed it on both fronts:



Pretty sure most of the “sound” here consists of recordings of Mercury and Queen combined with some sound-alike work, but it surely would have been a bit much to expect an actor to mimic his range and power, which were fairly singular. So they got the sound right by mostly just relying on the originals, it would seem.

As for the look, which you KNOW is where we’re all scrutiny-eyes…


WOW. Did they EVER nail it. Rami isn’t a pure match physically and we’re going to have to hear more of his accent to decide whether we buy it, but in terms of costume design and performance style, this is all eerily on point.


[Stills: 20th Century Fox via Tom and Lorenzo – Video Credit: 20th Century Fox via YouTube.com]

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