Pop Style Opinionfest: One Duchess and a Bunch of Queens

Posted on May 25, 2018

Darlings, you couldn’t possibly have thought we were finished talking about the biggest fashion event of the year (and the biggest response to any event we ever covered – EVER FOR ALL TIME), did you? And by that we mean LoveSoulFest ’18, aka the wedding of the brand spanking new Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Since our coverage tended to be fashion-based, we took the opportunity of the podcast to run down our impressions of the day overall, as well as our thoughts on the royal family and why they’ve accepted Meghan so easily. It comes down to this: Charles and his sons tend to be among the more liberal members of the family and the Windsor grandchildren overall have a greater sense, based on decades of family history, that marrying the person you love is the best thing for the family overall, rather than forcing punishments on people for loving the wrong person. It’s written in the very bones of the family, it’s something the Queen herself has witnessed time again, and it’s a point that was painfully driven home, generation after generation, resulting finally in this, the marriage of a royal prince to a divorced, biracial American TV star – and the whole Windsor clan happily embracing it.

Oh, and there’s some Drag Race dragging as well, of course:


Mini Challenge: Trade



Maxi Challenge: Drag Family Values
Asia O’Hara and Raymond Braun


Monét X Change and Tyler Oakley


Eureka and Frankie Grande


Aquaria and Kingsley


Kameron Michaels and Anthony Padilla


Mizz Cracker and Chester See


And oh yes, things do get just a mite bitchy there for a while. What can we say, darlings? You put some Millenial social media influencers in front of these two bitches and they are gonna READ them. But as always with us, every word is practically DRIPPING with love, darlings!

Thank you once again for all your support and don’t forget to tell your podiatrist and pizza delivery guy about us!



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[Photo Credit: Bravo, VH1 via Tom and Lorenzo]


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