Pop Style Opinionfest: Don’t Call it a Comeback, Anna Wintour

Posted on May 11, 2018

Darlings, it’s an EPIC EXTRAVAGANZA of opinions this week for our longest podcast ever! The entire back half of this two-hour chatfest contains the wrapup to our three-part (or three-pod) conversation with television critic extraordinaire Mo Ryan, in which we go in deeper on #MeToo, power structures in Hollywood, and why powerful men so consistently get away with their abuses. It’s some deep stuff rendered in witty soundbites between sips of tea and the inhaling of baked goods. And if you missed the first two parts of this fantastic convo, they can be found in the previous two podcast installments here and here.

But before that all happens, your ol’ opinionated pals T Lo had a few things to say about the somewhat obvious coordinated PR campaign currently under way on behalf of Marchesa, and more specifically its co-founder Georgina Chapman, soon-to-be ex-wife of disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein. First, Scarlett Johansson made the notable choice of being the first celebrity to wear the brand again, at the biggest fashion night of the year, the Met Gala. Then, before you know it, Georgina’s sitting on a windswept beach talking about her feelings and Anna Wintour’s telling everyone to let bygones be bygones. You’re all coming in a little hot, ladies. And we’re just the bitches to tell you that.

And of course, many opinions were spewed on last night’s “Cher: The Rusical” episode of Drag Race:




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[Photo Credit: INSTARImages, VH1 via Tom and Lorenzo]


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