Met Gala 2018: Michelle Williams and Shailene Woodley Battle it Out for the Title of Second-Best Joan of Arc

Posted on May 09, 2018

Darlings, as the hostesses of this little kaffeeklatsch/bitchfest, we get to set the terms, and those terms are: Zendaya was the best Joan of Arc at the Met Gala and let’s have no further discussion on that topic. Instead, let us pit these two women against each other in a style cage match, in the grand old T Lo tradition. Since the #1 Joan has already been determined, we’re here to properly assign these looks their number 2 and 3 slots, if you will.

What’s interesting here is how all three looks sit on a continuum of literalness to interpretive, with Shailene at one end, Michelle at the other, and Zendaya’s look achieving that perfect Goldilocksian balance of not being too much of one or the other.


Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton

And if Zendaya’s look hadn’t achieved that perfect balance between high-fashion and costume design, we would have happily called this look the best Joan of the night. It doesn’t go too hard in on the symbolism or cosplay, just letting some lightly armor-like elements play off her pixie cut in order to sell the reference. When it comes to dressing for the Met Gala theme, celebrities are not generally very subtle about it. The interpretations tend to be broad and obvious in a costume party sort of way (Sexy Pope, Sexy Jesus, Sexy Angel, etc.), so it’s genuinely pleasing to see a look that someone took some time to consider, ensuring that the wearer represented the brand well and looked chic and appropriate for herself while not lapsing into cosplay or a level of spectacle that doesn’t suit her. And it’s a look that can stand on its own, apart from the theme of the evening, and still look chic.

Then there’s the opposite direction…


Shailene Woodley in Ralph Lauren Collection

Look, she’s not a fashion girl at all, so there’s a part of us that needs to give her some props for showing this level of effort. On the other hand, this is strictly cosplay, not remotely stylish, and seems WAY off-brand for her. Kudos for the idea and the follow-through, but to our eyes, this Joan got her ass kicked by the other two.



Style Credits:
Michelle Williams: Louis Vuitton Dress | Cartier Jewelry
Styled by Kate Young | Makeup by Angela Levin | Hair by Chris McMillan

Shailene Woodley: Ralph Lauren Collection Metallic Leather Mini Dress and Over-the-knee Boots
Styled by Ilaria Urbinati

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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