Met Gala 2018: Jared Leto Runs to the Corner for a Pack of Smokes and Powerball Ticket

Posted on May 08, 2018

Everyone was all Hosanna-Heysanna over this look on social media last night, lauding Gucci Jesus for really sticking with the theme of the night. That’s great and all, but he pretty much dresses like this all the time, so it came off slightly less impressive to us.

Behold Jared Leto’s errand-running outfit:

But we have to be true about this. He may be at the absolute lowest possible difficulty setting when it came to interpreting this particular Met Gala theme, and we would have raked him over the coals had he failed to show up as God Himself intended, but fairness and honesty, if not the Power of Christ, compel us to admit he came correct. Literal this may be, but he was one of the few attendees who would have faced universal disappointment had he not just leaned into it.

And besides, truly literal would have had him in a robe and sandals. This high-fashion King of Glory take is exactly the way to go.




Style Credits:
Custom Gucci Silk Moiré One Button Jacket with a Velvet Oversized Lapel Embroidered with Three Eyed Golden Angels Paired with Silk Trousers, a Silk Shirt with Bow and Leather Boots

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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