Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell at FX’s FYC Event for “The Americans”

Posted on May 31, 2018

Darlings, there’s so much garment-rending and water-cooler opinionating spinning around social media today, all because The Americans finished its six-season run with a finale some critics are already calling one of the greatest of all time. We are completely outside this convo, since we lost interest in the show some time back, but we figured at least some of you kittens need a place to vent about it, so have at it. We’ll just be over here, arching our eyebrows and giving their outfits the once-over.


They’re matched, not only in color, but in style; working a hi-lo take that suits them both well, from a personality perspective. It doesn’t always work out in practice, but the idea of it seems just right, in terms of what you can expect from them on a red carpet. She, like most actresses, has a slightly more developed sense of public style than he does, but it’s pretty obvious they’d both rather live in t-shirts and jeans all day, every day.



This is mostly very cute and a good idea. The white undershirt is making another go at becoming trendy among the lady set. We’re seeing it a lot lately. We can’t help thinking this would all pull together better with a black t-shirt, but that’s not the point of this style, which is meant to convey a very studied form of casualness and sexiness by specifically referencing the classic men’s undershirt.

LOVE the sandals, though.


He’s okay, but his grooming could use some work. We get that it’s not his bag, but brushing your hair and trimming your beard isn’t too much to ask when she’s standing there in a pedicure and heels.

Anyway, what did everyone think of the finale? Emmys all around?


Style Credits:

Styled by Frank Fleming

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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