Jennifer Lawrence Dresses Strategically in Dolce&Gabbana at the BAM Gala 2018

Posted on May 31, 2018

If you follow sites like ours with any regularity, you know there’s a celebrity cycle, based on the time of year, who’s in the middle of a hot scandal or romance, and who’s got projects coming out. You can pick out any month of red carpet, magazine and celebrity pap shot coverage on this site and immediately note that the same dozen faces appear over and over again; until the next month, when a different dozen faces cycle through.

Anyway, our point is this: Hello, J Law. It’s been a minute.

First thing to note here, in the “put yourselves in her shoes sense,” she was there to present an award to Darren Aronofsky, her sometimes director and ex-boyfriend. She’s not there to promote herself directly or to signal news of an upcoming project. She’s doing this for whatever reasons – love or respect or friendship or even just saving face – so the relative plainness of the look isn’t an issue here, as far as we’re concerned.

Now, the fact that she’s wearing a classic foundation-garment dress while singing her ex’s praises? THAT’s something worth discussing, no? It’s the classic “I hope I look hot the next time I run into him” post-breakup sentiment, only it involves borrowed luxury goods, a red carpet and a stage. Celebrities. They’re just like us. Only more public and in more expensive clothes.

Bitchiness aside, we think she looks fine. These types of dresses come off like cliches to us at this point, but our only true criticism is that the satiny white does nothing for her coloring. Other than that, if girlfriend wants to werq her girdle, she has our blessing.

Look, don’t start with us. “Werq her long-line bra” just doesn’t have the same punch.


Style Credits:
Dolce&Gabbana Bustier Dress

Styled by Jill Lincoln + Jordan Johnson

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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