Red Carpet Rundown: The “Hotel Artemis” L.A. Premiere

Posted on May 22, 2018

Is it us or does the cast for this film come off particularly random, as if someone just blindly clicked through IMDB profiles to cast the parts?



Dave Bautista

It’s nice to see Dave get away from the strict “newsboy cap, tight shirt, vest, skinny jeans” uniform he tended to wear throughout any of the Guardians of the Galaxy promo events. He’s a little rumpled, but this is a sharp look, near-perfectly tailored to his bod. The tie and pocket square don’t quite work, but the shoes are a pleasant surprise. He looks pretty great.


Jenny Slate in Rebecca Vallance

Pretty and elegant, but perhaps a little grandiose for a premiere like this one. Something a little less formal would have worked better, we think.


Jodie Foster

Tailored to perfection. LOVE it. As for the shoes, they’re fun and we like the idea of them, but we don’t actually love this particular pair.



Sofia Boutella in Giambattista Valli Couture

Girl, what sort of random nonsense is this? You’ve got a sequined bra over a First Holy Communion dress hemmed with a bathmat. Your dress needs to sit down.


Sterling K. Brown in Musika Frere

He is foine and this suit is fabulous, but if you’re going to do this look, then you need to take a moment after you get out of the limo and make sure everything’s in place and looks good. The collapsed placket and askew vest (with one too many buttons undone) just makes the whole thing look sloppy when a few seconds of adjusting would have made it look impeccable.



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages – Video Credit: Global Road Entertainment via]

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