Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard and Jeff Goldblum at the “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” London Photocall

Posted on May 24, 2018

Behold, darlings! A veritable Master Class on style playing out before your very eyes!

And by that we mean some of these folks have helpfully illustrated the pitfalls of style and one of these folks is here to show the rest of us how it’s done right. We think you can figure out who’s who without our help.

Brace yourself for the style gamut:


Here, Mr. Chris is helpfully illustrating what happens when you force yourself into something you don’t want or like to wear. It is a very common mistake made by people who don’t quite know how to think about style and mistakenly believe it’s about imposing uncomfortable rules on yourself or embracing conformity. Because of this, he looks vaguely uncomfortable which he tries to cover with some mugging and face-pulling for the cameras.

Also, the jacket is too short and blocky on him.


And here’s Miss Bryce, helpfully providing examples of not knowing how proportions work and also not understanding what suits you and doesn’t suit you. In regards to the former, she should consider not wearing mid-calf pencil skirts with booties and she should definitely not do so when the former is skin-colored and the latter stands out like a couple of lollipops on her feet. Which reminds us of the other  classic mistake on display here: not knowing which colors work for you. Generally, tight, heavily ruched dresses the color of your own skin are going to make you look like a wrinkly naked person at first glance. We would think this goes without saying, but allow us to verbalize it: You should NOT, under any circumstances, seek to look like a wrinkly naked person when making your style decisions.

And girlfriend needs some serious mirror time with a range of silhouettes and styles laid out on the bed to try on and a bitchy opinionated friend to sit there with a glass of wine and offer her honest opinion as to what works and what doesn’t. Because she clearly has no idea how to dress to flatter herself.

And finally, here’s Mr. Goldblum, helpful as always:

He’s here to illustrate the Prime Maxim of Good Style: Know yourself, know your body, know what clothes work best for both. He not only looks great and stands out, he’s expressing his true nature, aesthetic and personality through clothing. You know who he is by how he presents himself. The other two look like courtroom defendants in comparison.








Style Credits:
Bryce Dallas Howard: Dolce&Gabbana Long-Sleeve Ruched Tulle Cocktail Dress with Leopard Rose Appliqué | Marni Earrings

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages, – Video Credit: Universal Pictures via]

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