Cannes 2018 Style File: Kristen Stewart Chanels it the F Up

Posted on May 10, 2018

It’s not a surprise that Miss Kristen went to Cannes to Chanel it the fuck up, but it’s at least a little notable how respectable her Chaneling has been. She’s toned down the punk/rocker chick approach to wearing it and is coming close to making classic versions of the brand more a part of her look.


Kristen Stewart at the Opening Ceremony and “Everybody Knows” screening in Chanel

That doesn’t mean she’s dressing in a dull or mature manner, however. This is a perfect example of how she’s keeping things very high-fashion and French while still having a slightly dark edge to it. Love the hair and makeup, love the bib and bodice, do not love the skirt at all. It’s awkwardly shaped and over-designed from the waist down. Still, it’s not a weak look by any means.



Kristen Stewart at the Chanel x Vanity Fair Party in Chanel

The boots are an utter horror show and we refuse to see them, lest our beautiful minds by tainted by their awfulness.

Moving right along to the rest of her outfit, we love it for having a chic, mod sort of vibe to it. Or as mod as you can get when you’re sporting 30 pounds of pearl beading. Could’ve done without the luggage strap effect. Again, though: it feels very French, chic and photogenic in a way that makes it perfect for Cannes.



Style Credits:
1st Look: Chanel Black with Pleat and Brooch Detailing from the Fall 2018 Collection | Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes
2nd Look: Chanel Embellished Cocktail Dress and Boots from the Pre-Fall 2017 Collection

Styled by Tara Swennen

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages,]

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