Cannes 2018 Style File: Bella Hadid Had Herself a Week, Referencing Several Classic Looks

Posted on May 17, 2018

Full disclosure: We’re pretty much just cleaning out our Cannes folders before the weekend – and the royal wedding – hits us. That’s not exactly the most auspicious introduction for Miss Bella’s style efforts, which is perhaps a little unfair to her, since she never fails to put the effort in.


Bella Hadid in Christian Dior Couture

But since we’re laying all this honesty on you, we may as well admit that we let the Bella file fatten up a little before posting, mainly because all of her looks this week, while well done for the most part, were kind of basic.

Which isn’t to say this is less than pretty or even less than chic.  If anything, we’re a bit surprised by how classic and elegant her choices skewed this week. Miss Girl does not have a problem wearing the cray, after all. But for this week, at this event, she went for a very glamorous sort of classic chic. We’re getting a little Grace Kelly whiff off this.

Do not love the color here, though.




Bella Hadid in Christian Dior Couture

Again: very French, very coordinated and classic in tone. She’s not reinventing the wheel because that’s not her goal. Serving you 21stC Bardot-toned realness is her goal here – and she’s nailing it.

And finally, after cycling through a couple of iconically classic styles, she opted to unleash a little ’70s Cher on our asses:


Bella Hadid in Elie Saab Couture

We’re overstating things, of course; especially since true Cher drag would require much more hair than that. We doubt very much she had any of these women in mind when making her choices. It’s just that each of these styles are hardcore classics and tend to evoke specific women of glamour over the decades, whether Bella realizes it or not. And it doesn’t really matter anyway, so long as she steps out looking as good as she did this week.



Style Credits:
First Look: Custom Christian Dior Satin Gown | Bulgari Jewelry | Christian Dior Sandals
Second Look: Christian Dior Dress | Bulgari Jewelry | Christian Dior Bag | Christian Dior Shoes
Third Look: Elie Saab Metallic Halter Gown from the Fall 2007 Couture Collection | Bulgari Jewelry | Judith Leiber Clutch

Styled by Mimi Cuttrell | Hair by Jen Atkin | Makeup by Mary Phillips

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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