The Boys of “The Boys In The Band” at the 50th Anniversary Celebration

Posted on May 31, 2018

Darlings, those fabulous boys of “The Boys in The Band” stepped out in high style (and very few socks) to celebrate the play, thereby doing the gays proud.

Shall we look for things to quibble over? Let’s.



Andrew Rannells

No quibbles here. Also, we’ve never treated broadway cast appearances like film premieres. These folks are in the middle of work. Not in the “I’m promoting myself and that’s part of my job,” sense but literal work rehearsing and performing. In fact, we tend to only feature current Broadway castmembers if they really go the extra mile in their presentation. Otherwise, we’re content to leave most of them alone if they’re not inclined to care about fashion while they’re working the boards.

Anyway, Andrew looks great.



Brian Hutchinson

Also great. Very sharp-looking suit paired with a great tie. Not feeling the pocket square, but as we said, these are quibbles.



Charlie Carver

Not sure if the print shirt works with the plaid suit, and the sleeves are too long on him, but he does look cute, we have to say.



Jim Parsons

He’s a trouper in the classic show-must-go-on sense. Not only did he refuse to let a broken foot and torn ligament stop him from hitting his marks, but he also didn’t let it stop him from sporting a very fine suit.



Matt Bomer

This all appears to be in very pretty order. Quibble-free.



Michael Benjamin Washington

Again: we are sans quibbles.



Robin de Jesús

Mmm. Okay, a little quibbling: This is a lot of lewk and we applaud him for putting it together, but if you’re going to do the Thurston Howell III look, the fit has to be impeccable. And while the loafers are fun and cheeky, we think a little toning down needs to be done and that’s the easiest part to edit.



Tuc Watkins

Looks good to us, but he should button the jacket for pictures.



Zachary Quinto

We don’t think the cowboy kitsch shirt and boots go with the plaid suit. It’s just not a good match, we’re sorry to say.





[Photo Credit: INSTARImages – Video Credit: The Boys in the Band on Broadway via]

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