Adam Lambert and Miguel Ángel Silvestre Cover Attitude’s Summer Issue

Posted on May 23, 2018

Singer Adam Lambert and “Sense8” star Miguel Ángel Silvestre cover the Summer 2018 issue of Attitude magazine photographed by Austin Hargrave and styled by Joseph Kocharian.




Adam Lambert


On being inspired by Queen: “Obviously Queen really inspired me. I don’t think this album is genre-specific. I think there are a lot of different influences on it. There’s rock, there’s FUNK, there’s soul, there’s disco, Seventies singer-songwriter pop and some Eighties flavours, too. That being said, there are a lot of modern influences as well, so it’s sort of a fusion.”

On Freddie Mercury being closeted: “I don’t know how ‘in the closet’ Freddie actually was. I mean it was like another time where it was just taboo to even discuss it in the media. I think it might have been interpreted as him being tongue-in-cheek, but he sort of owned it from the get-go. There were interviews where they were asking if he was gay and he was like, ‘Yeah as a daffodil…gay as a daffodil.’ And I don’t know if they thought because he was being flippant about it that he wasn’t being serious. But he never really said, ‘No, I’m not.'”


Miguel Ángel Silvestre


If people think he’s gay: “I’ve never faced anybody asking me, but I don’t care, they can ask me if they want — I don’t hide anything about who I am. I should say that I honor the character and I feel proud of him, and I will do whatever it takes to play it. So, it is flattering if people think that I am gay, because I play [the role] with love and I don’t try to be shady when I’m playing it.”

On the raunchy sex scenes: “You just have to let yourself go and trust in it. But when we were going to do some of the ‘edgier’ scenes, [director] Lana Wachowski would talk to us about how important it was for her to tell this story, and how sexuality is important to her because it’s about a connection and empathy, and it speaks about a vulnerable place where we are all the same deep down. She made us feel that we were doing something worthwhile.”


[Photo Credit: Austin Hargrave/Attitude Magazine]

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