2018 Billboard Music Awards: Christian Siriano Does Right by Kelly Clarkson

Posted on May 22, 2018

Two of the most successful reality TV competition winners collaborated to make MAJOR SPARKLE happen for the BBMAs. Which isn’t perhaps much of a surprise, since SPARKLE happens to be both their middle names.



To be a little blunt about it, we’ve seen Miss Kelly struggle with a lot of fashion shapes and silhouettes that didn’t suit her. This is amazingly flattering on her, showing just how much Christian pays attention to his client’s needs while avoiding forcing her into cookie-cutter shapes. The shoulder treatments may seem a bit overwrought, but they really work for her. And that kind of drama is appropriate for the venue.


Making good use of that belt, it seems. This is pretty cute stagewear. Girlfriend seems to love herself a black-and-gold combo, as we’ll see.



We’re gonna have to make a hard pass on this one. The shape is great. The fringe looks fungal.



This, on the other hand, is a LOT of fun. Who knew Miss Kelly had a knack for working ’80s-style excess?



We’d have preferred if the hem wasn’t grazing the floor but this is a really fun and high-glam look that fits her amazing well. Even the flare of the pants (which we’re not inclined to love) it just the right proportion for her. Well done, Mr. Siriano.


Style Credits:
Custom Christian Siriano Ensembles

Styled by Candice Lambert McAndrews

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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