Vanessa Hudgens at the Vanessa Hudgens X SinfulColors Festival Collection Event

Posted on April 12, 2018

In the last week alone we’ve read reports of FIVE different lady celebs launching their own makeup lines. Everybody wants some of those Rihanna dollars, it would seem. Eventually, every makeup artist in the industry will be forced to procure ten times the product they need, just because each of their clients are going to insist on using their own line.

Anway, this is kind of not-great:

It’s definitely on-brand for her, since she LOVES a good SoCal Boho lewk. And we suppose, given that this event’s got “Festival” in the title, that sort of fest-chic take makes a certain amount of sense. The tons of jewelry tends to work for that reason alone. But The neckline and the waistline are both kind of awkward or unflattering. We think we could be talked into the print, even if it’s a little too patchwork and way too orange for our tastes.

We don’t know. It’s a solid idea for a look and it certainly plays to her preferences, but it’s not very photogenic.


Style Credits:
Missoni Orange Floral-Print Halter Maxi Dress
Borgioni Snake Hoops and Snake Cuff
Mattia Cielo Diamond Bracelet
Le Vian Ombre Chocolate Diamond Bolo Bracelets
Giuseppe Zanotti Giuseppe Zanotti Sandals

Styled by Natalie Saidi

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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