Tiffany Haddish for W Magazine in Couture Gowns

Posted on April 19, 2018

Tiffany Haddish is featured in the latest issue of W magazine styled by Sara Moonves and lensed by Ethan James Green.




On fashion: “When I was shooting ‘Girls Trip,’ I had a knockoff Michael Kors bag that said MLK instead of MK. Jada told me that I shouldn’t have knockoff stuff. I told her that my philosophy is, whatever the bag costs, I should be able to keep that amount of cash in the bag. If it’s a $300 purse, I have to put $300 in cash in that purse. I do not want a bag that is more expensive than the cash I have to put in it. Things are going good for me now, so I am graduating to your Fendis and your Guccis. But I better have the cash equivalent, or I’m not buying the purse. And if things start to go wrong, I’m going right back to my knockoffs. When you’re somebody like me, who’s been homeless, clothes are not that important. Clothes are not a roof over my head, food in my stomach, my family’s health—that’s what money is for. But fashion helps get more money. So, we ride.”

On the Alexander McQueen gown that she wore to the premiere of “Girls Trip.” And, again, to host “Saturday Night Live.” And then, yet again, as a presenter at the Academy Awards: “And I might wear it again,” she adds. “Here’s the story of that dress: I hired a stylist for ‘Girls Trip,’ and she said, ‘Girl, if you’re trying to make it to the next level in your career, you’re going to have to spend a little money.’ I said, ‘I’m down to look my best. Whatever it takes.’ ” The stylist brought several options, and the only one that fit her body was the McQueen. It was perfect. “I should’ve known—wasn’t no price tag on that dress. So I wear it for ‘Girls Trip,’ and then they give me the receipt. When I saw the receipt, I cried. The dress was $4,122! So I’m wearing it multiple fucking times. I don’t care what nobody say—that’s a down payment on a car, that’s a medical bill. So, even though everyone says I shouldn’t wear the dress in public again, I’m wearing it.”

Many thought that Haddish was robbed of an Oscars nomination for best supporting actress for “Girls Trip.”: “I could have been mad,” Haddish said, acknowledging that comedy is rarely honored by the academy, no matter how thrilling. “But I would always rather try to be funny in any situation. Even when people are laughing at me in a mean way, I still feel some kind of healing from it. When I get super-depressed, I’ll go on YouTube and look up “babies laughing” just to change my mood. Epic fails are funny, too,” she continued. “In failure, there can be success: By that I mean you can learn what not to do. I find the funny in a lot of failures, because I’ve had enough of them. But I am resilient: My soul is very determined.”

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3rd Image: Ronald van der Kemp Top and Skirt from the Spring 2018 Couture Collection
4th Image: Valentino Gown from the Spring 2018 Couture Collection | Valentino Sandals from the Spring 2018 Couture Collection | Philip Treacy Hat from the Valentino Spring 2018 Couture Collection | Valentino Sandals | Falke Tights

[Photo Credit:Ethan James Green/W Magazine,]

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