The “Rampage” Cast Did Not Coordinate for the UK Premiere

Posted on April 12, 2018


Someone clearly forgot to include Jeffrey in the group text. Also, the ladies really ramped up the cray for this one.


Granted, it’s the premiere of a movie belonging to that genre known as “Giant Gorilla! RUN!” You can look at their collective cray as a way of leaning into the silliness of the project or as a way of distracting you from it.



Jeffrey Dean Morgan

We tend to feel sorry for any member of The Walking Dead cast, because the producers of that show clearly like to torture them by forcing them into the worst sorts of grooming you could imagine. We don’t know why everyone on the show has to look like the zombies ate all the razors and scissors, but one look at poor Norman Reedus and it’s clear they’ve settled on a lewk and they’re not gonna budge from it. Personally, if living in the zombie apocalypse meant we couldn’t pay someone for a trim now and then, we might reconsider our options.

That doesn’t excuse the cheapass-looking suit, though – unless he figures it’s the only possible thing to wear with that chin possum.


Naomie Harris in Gucci

Lady what are you doing.

IF you removed that horrific ’80s prom bow, and IF those “Welcome to Princess Cruiselines” pants were switched out for matching black ones, this would be pretty damn fabulous. Those are two massive IFs, though.


Dwayne Johnson

Yes, please.

But an eggplant or navy t-shirt would’ve been better.


Malin Akerman in Missoni

That looks like lawn-chair fabric. Sorry, girl. We just had to be blunt. And the stripes, paired with the sheerness and the public bra just make this look like some sort of weirdly formal beach coverup. And the marriage of skirt to bodice is really hideous, now that we’re looking at it.

When they start pulling at their skirt like that you can bet they’re not sure about the rest of it. Then again, this is so par for the course for her that she’s probably genuinely happy with it.
[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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