The Marvelous Gentlemen at the “Avengers Infinity War” UK Fan Event

Posted on April 09, 2018

We showed you Letitia’s fierce-af look and Elizabeth’s Hulk dress, but now it’s time for the (mostly) Englishmen to stand up and be counted. Or in this case, judged.

Apparently, big-time American male Avengers don’t have to do these events yet. Then again, Chris Evans and Robert Downey, Jr. have done so much Marvel poledancing over the years, we suppose we can’t blame them for taking this rumored final lap a little slow.


Benedict Cumberbatch

Dull and businesslike, but we would expect no different from him. We don’t mean that as an insult. Love his work, but he’s just not a style guy.



Paul Bettany

He’s working a very old school British sort of look, pairing that short cardigan with pleated pants. We don’t love the color of the suit, but the lightness of it makes the whole look work for him, even if it is a bit too monochromatic. If your shade lenses match your suit and your shoes, maybe you’ve taken things a bit too far.


Sebastian Stan in Prada

He seems to be taking a page from RDJ’s book with that footwear, which gives off the distinct whiff of wedge-lifts. But we have to admit, we love the design and think they work with the suit. He looks hot.



Tom Hiddleston

We’re not sure that suit needed a striped dress shirt, but we kind of love the sexy professor thing he’s working here.



Tom Holland in Dsquared2

First-Year Associate.

Come on, kid. Ditch the business suits. If you’re gonna sport DSquared2, at least pick something a little cray from the line. They’ve got TONS of cray.


[Photo Credits: INSTARImages]

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