The Daily Front Row’s 2018 Fashion Los Angeles Awards

Posted on April 10, 2018

Yes, it’s the Front Row Fashion Los Angeles Awards, which is a thing! Maybe it’s not the world-class red carpet event of the year or anything, but it’s famous people in mostly borrowed clothing posing for pictures and handing out awards to each other. In other words, it’s judgin’ time.


Chrissy Teigen (in Alexandre Vauthier) and John Legend

She’s working her Sexy Preg realness and he’s flying on a post-Jesus Christ Superstar high, which means they’re both glowing ever so slightly. Love seeing a print dress shirt under a suit on the red carpet. May it spark a trend and get all these fools out of their businesswear. She’s doing alright for herself, we suppose. At this point in the proceedings we doubt she could even spell “comfortable” without laughing, but shoes aside, she seems pretty at-ease with what she’s wearing.


Emily Ratajkowski in Jacquemus

It’s got a late ’70s Boho SoCal sort of chicness to it, but we’re not sure about that color at all.


Mena Suvari in Amur

It’s dramatic, but it’s not quite to our tastes. Remove the pleated ruffles and line that one unlined part. That would make it … well, kind of generic, actually.

Great to see her back on a red carpet, though.


Nicole Richie in Juicy Couture

This is surprisingly toned-down and conventional for her, but we tend to think both the label and the style is calling back to her early aughts reality TV roots somehow. In other words, this is a look that requires an accompanying Paris Hilton.


Paris Jackson in Moschino

It’s weird, retro, and more than a little silly, but none of those qualities really bother us here. She’s young enough to make weird, silly, retro looks work. But the color is hideous and that garter-style hem is just weird-in-a-bad-way. Love the head styling and the booties. They both deserved a look up to their levels.

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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