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Posted on April 13, 2018

Kittens, before we head off to a weekend of relentless leisure, we must give you all something to talk about during those dark, fallow days when we’re not here to sprinkle you with fabulousness and opinions. Here is everything on the pop culture scene that dazzled your ol’ pals T Lo this week.


“There’s an argument that’s been gaining credence that if there is truly a common concept of “us” to which “Roseanne” is speaking, that vision is realized in Darlene and Becky.”

Melanie McFarland at Slate examines what could have been with “Roseanne” and “Good Times”: A ballad for Becky and Darlene.”


“Suffice it to say there would be no Gilda Radner, Julia Louis-Dreyfus or Tina Fey without her blazing the trail. We are pleased to celebrate the many contributions of a beloved TV icon.”

Kimberly Nordyke at THR reports: “Carol Burnett to Receive Inaugural Career Achievement Honor at Peabody Awards.


“It was announced earlier this year that special 20th anniversary editions of J.K. Rowling’s seven books would be released, with new covers illustrated by artist Brian Selznick (The Invention of Hugo Cabret, Wonderstruck).”

Jessica Derschowitz at EW has the deets: “Harry Potter books unveil seven new 20th anniversary covers.”


“Why would we ask them to change their ways when we can just change the politicians?”

Rachel Epstein at Marie Claire asserts that “Emma González Continues to Be the Voice Our Generation Needs.”


“We don’t want someone to come into the store and not be able to try on the dress of their dreams.”

Alix Strauss at the New York Times with welcome news: “Dress Designers Add Options for Plus-Size Brides.”


“My mother was a former Revlon model, my grandmother was obsessed with Bill Blass and beige and I had two midriff-bearing aunts who idolized Cher.”

Lindsay Talbot at the Times’ T Mag takes us “Back to the Early ’80s With Michael Kors.”

“So I’m like, “So Nancy, I don’t understand, what’s the part?” And Nancy goes “Sweetheart, it’s Eve, it’s Eve.” In that moment, I did not assume the offer was for Eve. I think about that moment a lot. Of just going, how deep have I internalized this?”

E. Alex Jung at Vulture interviews the star of “Killing Eve” and gets her to talk about what it’s like to be an Asian actress in Hollywood. “It Took Sandra Oh 30 Years to Get to Killing Eve.”


“Something I noticed, volunteering in younger kids classes, is that when they would paint, they would color themselves white. They would never color themselves their skin tone or their skin shade.”

Chloe Hall at Elle talks to a rising young artist on a mission: “Meet the 18-Year-Old Artist Finally Making Women of Color Part of Fairy Tales.”


“We’ve swallowed the furious feelings. We’ve tried to put them in some hidden place in our minds, but the feelings do not go away. We’re not unreasonable, or overreacting. No. No. No.”

Angela Ledgerwood at Elle reports on “Tracee Ellis Ross at TED2018: Why Women’s Fury Is Actually Wisdom.”


“I need to touch and see clothes in person to know if they will work or not. We do a lot of fittings where we take pictures and create wardrobe plans for the girls. I do fittings in an easy pair of Miu Miu shoes that fit with everything, and then do accessory fittings on my own. I spend a lot of time with my clients on FaceTime.”

Eddie Roche at Fashion Week Daily shines the spotlight on a hot stylist: “Kate Young: From Assisting Anna Wintour to Dressing Margot Robbie for the Oscars.”


“She has enough connections in Hollywood and she’s being smart about staying quiet until she figures out how to relaunch.”

Booth Moore and Beth Landon check in on Harvey Weinstein’s beleaguered fashion designer ex-wife: “Georgina Chapman Plots a Post-Harvey Comeback for Marchesa: “We All Support Her.


“A truly bizarre mishmash of pastiche and lyrical nonsense, SCTV was based around the wily premise of a shitty, dysfunctional television network that aired everything from trivia shows, children’s programs, and behind-the-scenes showbiz dramas.”

With the news of a new Scorsese-directed Netflix special with the OG cast, Dom Nero at Esquire fills you in on the history: “You Probably Didn’t Watch SCTV, But It Shaped the Comedy You Love Today.”


“Endora’s clothing begs onlookers to stare, ask questions, and give her the attention she knows she deserves. Despite her ability to look the part of the typical 1960s woman of her age, unlike Samantha, she doesn’t want to.”

Kendra James at Shondaland does the kind of deep dive on costume design that we LIVE FOR with “‘Bewitched’s Eight Seasons of Fashion Magic.”


There! That should keep you all busy until Monday. Ciao, darlings!

[Photo Credit: ABC]

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