Posted on April 06, 2018

Kittens, this week was super-tragique on the red carpet, leaving poor T Lo with few choices to put on pedestals and sing huzzahs to. We’re both feeling the following looks, and we have no problem presenting them as the best of the week, but in a very different sort of week, we doubt they’d be rehashed for the top prize.

Having said that, both ladies look sharp and the question this week is a meaty one to toss around: Are you feeling simple, classic glam or something with a little edge and freshness to it?


T’s Pick: Naomie Harris at the “Rampage” premiere in Miu Miu.

T’s Defense: I’m so glad I got to make my pick first, because this is a no-brainer. It’s not, as we often say, re-inventing the wheel, but she looks fantastic, the dress suits her, it’s perfect for the occasion, and the accessories are on point. 



Lo’s Pick: Rita Ora at the Montblanc Meisterstuck Le Petit Prince Event in Vera Wang.

Lo’s Defense: I have to hand it to her. I never would have predicted a look like this one coming from her corner. I think a huge part of the appeal, aside from the uniqueness of the design, is how unexpected it is coming from her. It’s bold and different and you need at least a minute to take it all in. That’s a red carpet win as far as I’m concerned.

Which is it gonna be, kittens? Vote! And argue! It’s the American way!


Who won the red carpet showdown for the week of April 1st, 2018?

Naomie Harris in Miu Miu
Rita Ora in Vera Wang
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Style Credits:
Naomie Harris: Miu Miu Gold Metallic Sequin-Embellished Dress
Styled by Thomas Carter Phillips

Rita Ora: Vera Wang Black Hard Wool Peplum Gown with White Hand Stitching, Washed Silk Georgette Skirt and Armor Sleeves from the Fall 2018 Collection
Styled by Jason Rembert

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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