Rachel McAdams and Rachel Weisz Opted for Weirdness at the “Disobedience” Premiere

Posted on April 27, 2018

Well, we suppose we should salute them for coordinating well. And by that, we mean Rachel called up Rachel and said, “Hey Rachel. It’s Rachel. I’m planning on wearing something really weird and distracting to the premiere. You?”

“Rachel! That is such a great idea! I, Rachel, will also wear something fucked up and weird! We are the best Rachels ever!”

Or something like that.

Really, it’s the only explanation.



To be fair, this design isn’t really all that weird. We’ve seen a million panty dresses before. But that’s part of what makes this pick so odd to us. This is a trend that’s not only trending downward, it’s pretty close to dead right now. Sure, you can expect to continue to see more of celebrity lady underwear on the red carpet than you may want to, but this style of dress, which is basically “A pretty and conventional gown, except see-through” isn’t really where it’s at right now. Someone let her down.


Y’know, there’s a part of us that thinks we could be talked into this whole “Juliet Capulet in SPACE” vibe here, but it’s really hard for us to get all that excited about a poop-brown gown. The details are weird and a little overwrought, but if this had been rendered in a jewel tone, we might have liked it. As it is, we find the disco-ball armbands to be the bridge too far in the design process.




Style Credits:
Rachel McAdams: Giambattista Valli Dress from the Spring 2018 Collection
Styled by Rob Zangardi & Mariel Haenn | Hair by Bryce Scarlett | Makeup by Romy Soleimani

Rachel Weisz: Chloé Dress from the Fall 2018 Collection
Styled by Kate Young | Makeup by Nick Barose

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages, vogue.com – Video Credit: Bleecker Street via YouTube.com]

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