Pink Covers People’s 2018 “Beautiful Issue” with Her 2 Kids

Posted on April 18, 2018

Congratulations to Pink for finally achieving BEAUTY in the eyes of People magazine!

We’ve long been on record as two cynical bitches who find People’s annual declarations of who gets to be considered beautiful or sexy to be among the silliest, dumbest and easiest to dismiss of celebrity attention-seeking shenanigans. It’s so blatantly shallow. Notice how People confuses physical beauty with inspiration right there in the cover copy.

Interesting to note that Pink is not getting the normal cover designation of “World’s Most Beautiful Woman.” We wonder if they’re subtly doing away with the title even as they treat the cover spot of the “Beauty Issue” as some sort of prize worthy of congratulations.

Having said all that, it’s nice to see a magazine like People celebrating a style of beauty that’s a lot more relatable to a good portion of their readers than the botox’d perfection of some of their more recent picks.




[Photo Credit: Peggy Sirota/People Magazine – Video Credit: PeopleTV via]

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