The 2nd Ocean’s 8 Trailer is Here, Serving up Fashion and BadAssedness to Spare

Posted on April 12, 2018

Look, we’ve been waiting a long time for this one to open. You’ll just have to pardon us a little while we squee.







Darlings, it’s like the universe conspired to make a movie just for us. Screencaps for your pinterest boards or just for your perusal:


CANNOT wait.

We know some folks thought taking the Oceans franchise to such a lady-specific kind of heist as this one was a bit eyeroll-worthy. We can see their point, but we think it’s not a coincidence this film was cast to the rafters with women who have strong fashion and red carpet bona fides. They are some of the most stylish and photographed women in the entertainment industry. The fashion hook was built into the DNA of this thing from the beginning. And the casting ensures that a very specific type of audience member (the kind who can tell you what everyone wore to the Met gala last year but doesn’t go for action or heist films) will have their ears perked up for this one.

Knowing all that, just IMAGINE how insane the red carpet tour for this film is going to be. Bullock, Blanchett, Paulson, Bonham-Carter, Rihanna and Mindy Kaling, all making sure they shine brightest. In some ways, we think we’re more excited for the poledance than for the film itself.


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