Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban at the 2018 Academy of Country Music Awards

Posted on April 16, 2018

Fair warning: We’re going to be incredibly grumpy here.


The press loves red carpet PDAs, but we always cringe a little when we see one. Everything about the red carpet is fake and no one knows that better than the people walking it. Hanging all over each other in a setting like this, while facing a wall of cameras, just comes off as insincerely performative most of the time.

Told you we’d be grumpy. There’s also this: They look like they’re hugging goodbye before leaving for entirely different events.


On the one hand, that’s a beautiful gown. On the other hand, she’s one of the worst people to be wearing it. Sorry, lady. Your coloring does not blend well with a buttery gold. It’s washing her out terribly. The harshness of her hair – both color and style – is not helping the look at all.

Nic. Go back to the Disney Witch looks you were sporting for a while; blacks with metallics and jewel tones – that’s your sweet spot. This is your disaster zone.

If she was sporting her Celeste wig, this might have worked.


We CAN’T STAND his neckline or his hair, don’t love the jeans, and recoil at the sight of the badly cuffed jacket sleeve, but he’s not dressed inappropriately, all things considered. He’s somewhat on point for the ACMs. And while a glittery gown isn’t outside the realm of possibility here – plenty of female country stars wore them – she just looks silly and over-dressed standing next to him. Nic, he’d wear a tux to the Oscars for you, why not meet him halfway on the red carpet when it’s his night? We’re just saying. Obviously, she’s not going to show up in ripped jeans, nor would we expect her to, but if she toned down the heavy-handed glamour when he’s in the spotlight and dressing for his crowd, the PDAs might not seem so staged to us.

Told you we were grumpy.



Style Credits:
Custom Michael Kors Collection Gold Sequined Gown
Fred Leighton 1960’s Gold and Turquoise Pendant Earrings and Antique Gold and Diamond Rings

Styled by Julia von Boehm

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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