The Tina Fey-Verse Collided for the “Mean Girls” Broadway Opening Night

Posted on April 10, 2018

All the various corners and branches of the Tina Fey-verse, from Saturday Night Live to 30 Rock to Kimmy Schmidt, converged for the Broadway opening of the Mean Girls musical, which is kind of sweet when you think about it. Or it’s just really well-executed PR. We’re sentimental and cynical, darlings. We are large. We contain multitudes of bitches.

And on that note, let’s get judgy with it.


Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Badlwin

That’s a pretty great dress for her. The colors look great, the fit is perfect, and she appears to be fairly comfortable in it. Can’t say we love the twisted straps.

He’s his usual mess. Maybe that’s harsh, but he could’ve done something with his hair, right?



Ellie Kemper in Vivetta

How utterly on-brand. How totally Kimmy. We realize Ellie isn’t her character, but this sure does look like something Kimmy would pick to wear to a Broadway show. Personally, we don’t love the pattern mixing, mainly because the floral is far inferior to the geometric. Render it all in the latter and pair it with dark green pumps and a neutral bag.

Still, it’s pretty bold and photogenic, even if it’s a bit odd-looking.


Jane Krakowski

Hair and makeup look great, but a tuxedo nightie should not be a thing.



Kate McKinnon

It’s a great coat, which is all you really need in cold weather promotional situations. The dress and shoes are generic, but she’s not here to promote herself, so it’s fine.



Tina Fey Gabriela Hearst

Fabulous, full stop.



Tituss Burgess

We love that Titus loves colorful suiting and formalwear, but he wears his jackets too tiny – both short and tight – and the effect is not to his benefit. And he doesn’t look remotely comfortable in it.


[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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