The “Legion” Season 2 Premiere Red Carpet Was A Very Serious Affair

Posted on April 03, 2018

Ladies, who died? And why doesn’t Jean seem to care?

Like we said earlier, there’s a serious springtime trend for black among the celebrity set right now. It’s a good thing Dan showed up at this thing in pink or it all might have gotten entirely too dour.

Aubrey Plaza

Granted, if there’s one person among this crowd who probably should show up in a femme fatale-tinged black dress, it’s Aubrey. First, because she’s the villain of this show and second, because it just naturally suits the witchy sort of vibe she likes to cultivate. Still, we can’t say we love the (literal) twist. Everything’s fine from the waist up, but the skirt goes seriously wonky. And it’s not the kind of dress that calls for neutral sandals.


Jean Smart

This is actually quite pretty. We probably wouldn’t recommend a lot of it for red carpet wear (the shapes and colors aren’t photogenic enough for it), but it’s great mature-lady style.

Or maybe we’re just grateful to have something non-black to critique.


Lily Rabe

It’s … just okay. We feel like it gets a little tricky without enough of a payoff, if that makes much sense. The texture and the unusual shape of the top/jacket don’t actually add enough to the look to justify themselves.



Rachel Keller

We’re gonna have to NEWP right on out of this one. It’s plain to the point of being generic, with one detail that doesn’t actually make much sense with the rest of the design. That fringe hem is not so much a scrolldown surprise as it is a scrolldown “Really? You went with that?”

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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