Evan Rachel Wood Puts Her Best Faces Forward on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”

Posted on April 20, 2018

Miss Evan is poised to break a longstanding T Lo record later today, and it’s all based on the fact that Miss Thing absolutely never half-asses her fashion when she’s got product to launch. That is to say, she always gives us something to talk about – and that is entirely the point of promotional style, which is why we tend to get so bitchy about people who try to sell their movie wearing church dresses or business suits.

We might be off-base about this, but there’s something about the overall feel of the dress that makes a clean face and a pony seem like not the best choices. We generally try to avoid “this dress calls for (heels/makeup/a bra)” sorts of declarations, but the fact remains that certain styles call for certain types of styling. We figure a dress composed of nothing but made-up glamour faces pretty much requires a little more shade and color on the actual wearer’s face, no?

As for the pony tail, to be perfectly blunt, she doesn’t really have the length to work on this way.

Having said that, we really love the dress and she clearly feels comfortable and confident in it, so it’s at least partially a win. We just think this is the rare instance when her styling isn’t up to the level of the garment.




Style Credits:
Michael Kors Collection White-and-black Portrait Print Silk-georgette Shirtdress with Crimson Blaire Patent Leather Pumps, both from the Fall 2018 Michael Kors Collection

Styled by Samantha McMillen 

[Photo Credit: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC, Courtesy of Michael Kors – Video Credit: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon via YouTube.com]

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