All of Eva Longoria’s Most Stylish Girlfriends Came Out To Cheer Her Hollywood Walk of Fame Induction

Posted on April 17, 2018

What is she, the mayor of Hollywood or something? We always understood, from reading between the celebrity coverage lines, that she was one of those “power friends” in Hollywood; the type of woman who seems to be at the center of a lot of social groups and social events. We just didn’t realize how strong those friendships must be. Usually only one or two other stars come out to represent at another star’s WOF induction, but Miss Eva must be one hell of a good girlfriend, because it seems like no one wanted to miss out on the chance to cheer her on.

We will, of course, be lightly judging all of their clothes.



Eva Longoria in Atelier Le Lis

The lady looks put-the-hell-together at a career-high moment while simultaneously in the advanced stages of baby-baking. We can’t stand the design of the dress, but it really doesn’t matter. She’s got The Glow.

Felicity Huffman

This is surprisingly sharp, considering her red carpet looks tend toward get-the-job-done-ism. Somehow that duster doesn’t come off like a lab coat.

Kerry Washington in Oscar de la Renta

BAM. Miss Lady wasn’t feeling the need to half-ass this one. Did they all have a fancy lunch together after this? Because they’re dressed for it. This is so good that we think it may be our favorite look of hers in some time – and she’s been spending the last month doing a high-fashion Scandal victory lap.

Lana Parilla

We’re not sure the pattern-mixing works. The scarf is a bridge too far. And such a dark suit could’ve used more contrast or color in the look. A silver shell would’ve done this up right.

Melanie Griffith

Sweetie, those really aren’t your boots. Everything above the knees looks fine, if a little too dark to register.

Olivia Munn in Alberta Ferretti

It’s so weird how some of these gals – no strangers to red carpets – are stepping out looking the best they’ve looked all year. This is really some kind of big-deal event for this crowd. She looks gorgeous here. The only change we’d recommend is that same sandal, in blue.

Reese Witherspoon in Draper James

This is a dress from her line and we’re pretty sure we’ve seen her in it before, but she looks pretty great. We love the sandals, but we’re not sure they’re the best choice to go with the dress.

Victoria Beckham in Victoria Beckham

The way she single-white-females Anna Wintour is getting more and more overt. And a little creepy. The look is literally on-brand for her, but while we like the pieces individually, we’re not convinced they’re at their best paired with the others. And is it us or do those shoes look weird?


[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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