Claire Foy and Vanessa Kirby at FYC Event for Netflix’s “The Crown”

Posted on April 30, 2018

Behold, darlings! A tribute to good costume design!

Is that mean? Yes, okay. If you have to ask the question, it’s probably mean. But we couldn’t help it, kittens. They both looked so good in costume as Elizabeth and Margaret in The Crown. And they both look so … not quite as good right now.



Claire Foy

To be fair, Claire’s like a British version of Rashida Jones or Greta Gerwig, from a style perspective. She doesn’t go for chic, trendy, high-fashion looks so much as she goes for quirky, vintage-inspired, indie-film-gal realness. A far cry from the mid-Century stateliness of the Queen’s style – which is fine, but it’s a tough style to get right for the red carpet. Just ask Rashida and Greta. The problem here is the same as it always is with Miss Claire’s worst RC looks: it feels a bit sloppy and thrown-together. You can pair primary colored casual separates for the red carpet, but you better make sure they’re well-presented, well-fitted and well-accessorized. This comes off haphazard and last-minute. We don’t know what’s making our eyelids twitch more; the horrible cuffing or those kind-of hiddy sandals.



Vanessa Kirby

To be fair to Miss Vanessa, this really isn’t as bad as we thought at first glance. It’s possible the ladytux trend has become so ubiquitous that our eyes are automatically glazing over at the sight of one. We have to admit, we wish the ladytux had remained a formal ensemble and not the semi-dressy one it’s become in the last year or so. After all, a male star at a Netflix FYC event in a tux would probably come off a little overdressed.

We don’t dislike this, though. The blouse and pumps may be fighting with each other just a bit, but they both add a little oomph to the look, which is sorely needed.


It looks much better without the jacket, though.



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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