Charlize Theron Spreads Her Wings in Christian Dior at the “Tully” Premiere

Posted on April 19, 2018

Miss Charlize has been talking quite a bit about her weight gain for this role and how it it led to her developing depression. It’s hard for us not to assume automatically that the “beautiful actress gains weight, gets real, learns lesson” story is built into the promotion of the film, as such things so often are. But as people who know far too much about celebrities than we’d ever care to admit, we could literally track her clear discomfort with her weight gain while it was going on. It was obvious in the way she was dressing and presenting herself at the time. And let’s face it: we can be cynical about the way the story is being used to sell the film, but a sudden weight gain, voluntary or not, can be a big shock, both emotionally and physically, for just about anyone, whether they’re used to being considered a world-class beauty or not.

The only reason we’re pointing all this out or coming across like we’re trying to get you to sympathize with her is because we think this choice of dress is fairly clear in its message, given what she’s been talking about lately.

And sure, “World Famous Beauty Feels Beautiful Once Again” is perhaps not the most sympathy-inducing of takes, but films like this one quite often have a “personal journey of the actress” take built into their promotions. There’s a very precise form of celebrity P.R. that melds the personal with the promotional seamlessly. This is a dress that perfectly straddles that line – AND fulfills a contractual obligation at the same time. It’s not a design we particularly love, but as a personal statement and a promotional one at the same time, it’s pretty impressive.





That actually looks really good.

Style Credits:
Christian Dior Dress Featuring a Pleated Skirt and Butterfly Motif from the Fall 2018 Collection
Fred Leighton 1960’s Gold and Coral Bead Tassel Earrings and Antique Gold Rings

Styled by Leslie Fremar | Hair by Enzo Angileri | Makeup by Kate Lee

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages, – Video Credit: Focus Features via]

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