Cast of “Avengers: Infinity War” at the LA Global Press Conference

Posted on April 23, 2018

The fine folks at Disney are determined to make this poledance hard to cover for bitchy bloggers such as we, presumably banking on the massive array of star power gathered for these events as the main draw. They’re right, of course, but dammit, would a little fashion parade in front of some cameras be so much to ask for? Especially since some of these folks put a little effort in.

It’s not worth trying to do a breakdown of their looks, but we’ll note that Danai is slaying; Scarlett’s pants look insane; Tom Holland, Sebastian and Winston are all wearing some sweet jackets; RDJ remains the feral child of the group; Chadwick’s sporting killer kicks as per the uzh; and Hemsworth can work a baby blue … anything, really.

As much as we’re excited for this film, looking at this massive assemblage of actors and characters, it occurs to us there’s just no way it won’t be a flaming mess, is there?



[Photo Credit: InstarImages]

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