PINK SUIT DEATH MATCH: Brandon Victor Dixon vs. Dan Stevens

Posted on April 03, 2018

Darlings, it brings us TREMENDOUS pleasure to announce that, after a fallow period the likes of which rattled ol’ T Lo to the very cores, the celebrity red carpet came roaring back to life this week when two very different men opted to fuchsia it the fuck up simultaneously.


Brandon Victor Dixon at the “A Quiet Place” New York Premiere.

In this corner, we have Brandon Victor, who opted for tielessness, a black shirt and simple but fine dress shoes. We honestly don’t think there’s anything to critique here. In our opinion, there are only two ways to style this: with a black shirt or with a white one. B.V.’s got the swag to rock a tieless black shirt with a suit like this one. Other men might come off looking a bit sleazy trying to work this, but he looks chic and sexy. And we love him for keeping only one button undone. While he proved his pec bona fides in Jesus Christ Superstar Live the other night, it looks more stylish and elegant to not have your shirt placket collapsing sloppily on you.

Dan took the opposite tact of sporting the white shirt and a tie, but he also slipped in …


Dan Stevens at FX’s “Legion” Season 2 Premiere in Los Angeles in Paul Smith.

… a little twist at the end. And we’ve gotta say, he may be the winner in this pink-off on shoe choice alone. The white shirt and skinny black tie, like Brandon Victor’s choices, are pretty much demanded by a suit like this. And like B.V., Dan chose the option that best suits his look. But he took things a significant step further by choosing to wear those spectacular shoes with it. We love them for themselves, but if you need convincing on their merits, understand that Dan’s show Legion is a mind-bending acid trip with some of the most bizarre imagery seen on television in the last year. For a poledancing exercise, a bright pink suit and bold graphic shoes make for a perfect way to visually represent the brand. And he just so happens to look fantastic in everything, head to toe.

Feel free to shout at your vote, but Dan’s definitely our fave.




Style Credits:
Dan Stevens: Paul Smith Suit from the Spring 2018 Collection | Dr. Martens 1461 ‘Playing Cards‘ Flat Shoes

Styled by Michael Fisher

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages,,]

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