Beyoncé Slays Again at Her Second Coachella Performance in Balmain

Posted on April 23, 2018

Second verse, same as the first.

We don’t think we can add much to what we said last week about Beyonce’s eye-popping Balmain costumes for Coachella; especially since this week’s costumes are thematically and even physically almost exactly the same, with minor variations.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be ooh’d and aah’d over.


She’s still serving up Space Nefertiti; still staging a collegiate pep rally; still blending sexy fetishwear with military themes and goddess imagery and somehow making it work as a cohesive message. And it’s still some of the best work coming out of the House of Balmain in some time.

We made a point of discussing the differences between Beyonce and Rihanna in our podcast last week; how the former uses fashion as a tool and the latter enjoys it as its own form of expression. With the news that Bey is dropping an entire line of Beychella-related merch based on these costumes, we think the distinction between the two becomes more pronounced.  Rihanna’s various fashion and beauty business endeavors (which have been enormously successful for her) are examples of branding in the conventional mode for the worlds of fashion and beauty. It’s a capitalist form of inner expression; a line of products based on a feeling and a broad aesthetic embodied by one person’s style and tastes. Beyonce’s approach to selling product branded with her name is far more akin to something like a presidential campaign selling merchandise. It’s about the message and the figurehead broadcasting that message.



[Photo Credit: Courtesy of Balmain, Coachella]

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