The Cast of “Riverdale” at PaleyFest Los Angeles

Posted on March 26, 2018

Kittens, it’s time for us to check in on America’s favorite pretend-teenagers, who also happen to be a fairly stylish lot. That makes judging them so much easier. When the poor dears don’t know what they’re doing, it all feels so tragic and sad to yell at them because their shoes are wrong or the hem is weird.



Ashleigh Murray

We like everything about this look except for the most important part: the print. It’s kind of muddy and inarticulated; just a big mess of noise. A prettier or bolder print would have made this perfect.



Camila Mendes in Emporio Armani

It’s okay, although the color story seems a bit off-model for spring and the black elements are too heavy.



Cole Sprouse in Bottega Veneta

Horrible. Why do the pretend-teens insist on wearing this color lately? If you switched out that horrid peach/silly putty color for practically ANY OTHER color, we’d … well, we wouldn’t love it, but we wouldn’t be fanning our faces like we smelled something bad either.



KJ Apa

It’s as conventional as it gets in terms of style, but it’s well-rendered and he looks great in it. We feel like saying that he’s overdressed, but considering his co-stars in dresses and heels, that would be silly of us.



Lili Reinhart in Maria Lucia Hohan

Again with the color issue. It’s not our favorite style of dress, but we think the stark B&W color story doesn’t work well with it. Maybe a pastel would be a cliche, but considering how trendy lavender is this season, we can’t help thinking this would look so much better in that shade. Or really, any color from the crayon box.

Madelaine Petsch in Alice + Olivia

This really looks great. Yes, it’s a denim jumpsuit. And yes, it’s the second head-to-toe denim look we’ve praised today. It’s a trend, darlings. And like any trend, it only works as well as the pieces used to express it. The fit is impeccable and the seaming makes the look. It helps that this wash of denim looks great with her coloring.

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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