Style File: “Midnight Sun” Stars Bella Thorne and Patrick Schwarzenegger Had Themselves a Week in NYC

Posted on March 23, 2018

These two crazy in-pretend-love-for-a-movie kids were all up and down Manhattan, getting their look-at-me style on. But one is merely a newbie in this arena while the other clearly intends to master it.


Bella Thorne and Patrick Schwarzenegger at BUILD Series in NYC.

He has seriously got to stop giving the thumbs-up for pictures. We imagine it’s a trait he picked up from his dad. His outfit’s just on the border separating goofy and chic. It’s got more than a whiff of the eighties to it, but he’s young enough to pull that off and make it seem fresh. We like it for being different, but we don’t completely love it for him.

This is her version of an Audrey take; youthfully romantic, high-fashion and urban. It’s cute. We think the lapels are just a bit much, though. And because the coat’s more of an off-white, we think a more subdued shade of blue for the shoe would be a better choice.

Later, when she stepped out on her own, it felt a bit closer to her true preferences:



Bella Thorne Out and About in NYC.

Like the outfit she wore the other day during the snow storm, this is an indication that her sidewalk sashay style game is when she shines. This is all kind of a cliche, but again, she’s young enough that she can work with cliches and make them seem fresher because they’re new to her. This looks like Helena Bonham Carter and Carrie Bradshaw got together to design it. Still, it takes a strong picture and that’s the whole point.



Bella Thorne and Patrick Schwarzenegger attend a screening of “Midnight Sun” in New York City.

Okay, you both lost us here. The color of his jacket is absolutely hideous and we’re a little nauseated by it. It’s made even worse by the choice to repeat the color with the shirt. Just an awful look all around.

Her look is … just okay. The oversized cardigan-as-dress is as much a cliche as that punk tutu above, but the pink shoes, blue eye shadow and weird choice of bag do nothing to elevate it. It’s just plain tacky-looking. And the two of them together is eye-searing, which is not exactly the way to go for a romantic drama red carpet.



Style Credits:
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[Photo Credit: INSTARImages,, Courtesy of Giuseppe Di Morabito, Courtesy of Fausto Puglisi]

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