Pop Style Opinionfest: Tens Across the Board!

Posted on March 23, 2018

Of COURSE we spent a good portion of this podcast running down the first episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 10, with a (mostly) whole new crop of queens to rip to shreds. Visual aids:

Hey, don’t blame us. It’s impossible to get decent screencaps of this show.

But before we gave all our thoughts on the costumes and drama of this fresh new season of drag queens, we had a few other things to get off our chests.

First, Lorenzo talks about his latest foreign-language Netflix obsession, the French comedy series, Call My Agent:


Then, we run down the Top 10 of The Hollywood Reporter’s annual list of the 25 Top Stylists in Hollywood. Lorenzo has a few things to say about the politics behind the list each year, and we both weigh in on the slightly skewed results. “I don’t think our list would match theirs at all,” is a thing one of us sniffs with importance. This leads to a discussion of just how much control over their clients we can expect stylists to have, as well as the ways in which we had to adjust our own writing once we decided to start crediting the stylists in each red carpet post.

And finally, before we wade into all things drag, we jump feet first into a minor journalistic brouhaha surrounding one of the leading fashion journalists in the country. Robin Givhan of the Washington Post was invited to attend BET’s “Leading Women Defined” conference, where she attended a talk between Michelle Obama and Valerie Jarrett, which she wrote up here. Well, twitter erupted at her over it, revealing a whole bunch of questions about how we’re supposed to view the role of journalists; about the ways in which bloggers and influencers can be held captive by mainstream media, and how those two factors came head to head. In the end, BET banned Givhan from the conference. We look at it both from a blogger point of view and as people who’ve met Givhan and greatly admire her work.

Yes, once again, opinions on all and sundry are spewed in every direction. We’re a couple of opinion fire hoses, darlings. And you can listen to us gush and spew on it all right HERE!

Thank you for listening and for telling every single person you talk to about how great we are! LUVYAMEANIT.

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[Photo Credit: VH1]


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