Pop Style Opinionfest: She Works Hard for the Money

Posted on March 30, 2018

Oh YES, kittens. We had PLENTY to say about the Roseanne revival. We honestly weren’t planning to touch this one at all, which seems somewhat naive in retrospect. But the first two episodes exploded in the ratings. That, coupled with some rather savvy branding moves on Roseanne’s part and some rather cynical branding moves on the part of some folks in the political sphere, ensured that the media would spend the ensuing week practically spewing hot-takes all over the place. We couldn’t escape this one, so we sat down, watched it, and then … spewed our own hot takes.

We make it all sound so dirty, don’t we?

And of course, we dive into the “PharmaRusical” episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race:


And for once, LORENZO is the harsh one in his judgments. Tom was shocked and appalled, as no doubt you will be too.

Also, Lo gives us his latest Netflix foreign-language finds, because if he’s going to sit and watch people cry in other languages all week long, then he might as well spread the subtitled misery around a little. But really, it’s because Lorenzo’s Cultural Corner is becoming quite popular.

Oh, and Tom gives some scattered thoughts on the somewhat scattered SyFy series Krypton, which is just okay, but overwhelmingly familiar.

Anyway, opinions are spewed, as is our way. And you can find them all, along with our usual married-people banter and bickering right HERE!

Thank you for listening, kittens!


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[Photo Credit: ABC, VH1]


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