Oscars 2018: The “Women in Film” Pre-Oscar Cocktail Party Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on March 03, 2018

Darlings, it’s OSCARS WEEKEND, which not only means the fun never stops for any hard-working, pole-dancing celebrity who wants to keep his or her profile up, it also means your favorite bloggers don’t get a day off!

And neither do we! There’s much to cover today, as Hollywood makes its final push for attention before the Big Night, so let’s get this judgment party started, right?



Emma Stone in Givenchy

Love the curly red hair, but the outfit is a weird combination of drably professional and inexplicably see-through. Keep the skirt and the curls, girl. Ditch the rest.



Greta Gerwig in Oscar de la Renta

A pretty great-looking dress in a print and color that really works for her, let down by a generic shoe choice and a weirdly designed sleeve. Still, we like how her style has slowly become a bit more profesh over time while still having that vaguely Indie Queen feel to it.



Julianne Hough in Monique Lhuillier

Can’t say we love anything about the ensemble, which strikes us as more suited for a woman ten to fifteen years older than her, but the hair and makeup look great.



Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon

“So cute we can’t even stand it. His jacket looks like it might be a little snug, but everything else about his look is just perfect. Those shoes are covetable. Love her pop-of-color pumps, which work really well with the pop-of-white flower. A pop-of-something clutch would have helped finish it off.



Lea Michele in DVF (Top) and Styland (Pants)

Sigh. It’s almost something. It feels like an attempt to do something different. But she’s still sporting that awful hair style – which honestly never makes sense to us, because she has a gorgeous head of hair. The outfit makes her look like the “after” shot in a weight-loss ad.



Margot Robbie in Dolce&Gabbana

Serving up a little Harley Quinn realness at an unexpected time. We love it, but we’d have loved it more if she buttoned the jacket for pictures. This isn’t meant to be worn too casually.


Michelle Monaghan in Michael Kors Collection

We were so ready to love this based on the thumbnail, but the shoes and the bag are really bad choices. Especially the former. Matchy is bad enough, but matchy and metallic is just … who signed off on this?



Olivia Wilde in Bella Freud

In that interview we did with Vox yesterday, we predicted that the popularity of the ladysuit on the red carpet was going to wane this year. Looking at how half-assed some of these ensembles are coming across lately, it feels like the energy has gone out of this trend. The jacket and pants are slightly off on the color match. The pants themselves are ridiculously large and the sandals and undone shirt really take this suit – which looks like it should be formal – to a sloppy, casual place that doesn’t work. Seriously, Olivia. You’re usually more impeccable than this.


Viola Davis in BCBG

It looks like the sheer part of the bust is just a tiny bit too snug, but it’s a pretty great dress for her and her head styling is ON POINT (as always).



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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